Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that uses smart technology to digitise survey plans and other building data so that it can be visualised in a user-friendly 3D format.

Many people know it as the technique used to create virtual reality walkthroughs of buildings. However, its more common and arguably more practical use is simply to transform building information into a digital format that allows managers and planners to view floorplans and any additional overlaid information level-by-level.

SMRT Consulting is a leading New Zealand provider of BIM modelling services. We specialise in using Revit software and clever coding to create tailored solutions that make tasks like facility management, maintenance forecasting, compliance and seismic reporting and cost tracking simpler for clients.

We’ve helped councils model their property portfolios in 3D to enable staff to make better decisions, easily schedule maintenance, and advise on the suitability of social housing units for potential tenants. We’ve also worked with private property developers to improve project management, support their sales pitches, and facilitate better decision making.

It’s all about using smart data management and building visualisation techniques to make life easier for staff and other people who manage or interact with your property assets.

If you are interested in how our BIM modelling services can assist you or your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.