Helping Wellington City Council deliver and save on a high profile project in the heart of the Wellington CBD.

The Problem

  • Royal New Zealand Ballet needed a temporary space to practice, while the St James Theatre in Wellington was being earthquake strengthened.
  • They needed help coordinating the different teams on the project and creating an efficient design.

The Solution

  • A purpose-built temporary building was erected in the Michael Fowler Centre car park, in Wellington. SMRT Consulting modelled the building, along with helping with design and coordinating services and structural models

The Results

  • The building is set to be finished in May 2019.
  • The model became an invaluable tool in managing and designing the project. It was used to coordinate the services and structural models, output the building consent drawings and running clash detection.
  • Matt Cantwell acted as Engineer to Project, helping Wellington City Council to manage the project and save on costs.
  • VR software was used to help pitch ideas, and affect changes in the project.




Key skills on the project

  • BIM modeling and Coordination
  • Project management
  • VR