We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and ability to develop tailored solutions that solve real-world problems. ~ Matt Cantwell, Director

SMRT Consulting was established in 2010, before most of the world had even begun to come to grips with the potential offered by Building Information Modelling (BIM).

We saw an opportunity to help property managers consolidate the many different survey plans, maintenance spreadsheets and other building datasets they held in a way that would it more accessible for their staff and teams to use.

Back then, property managers and people working on buildings often had to refer to a variety of different archival plans and then cross reference these with other information sources that presented information in different and sometimes incompatible ways. Often, the only way to be sure a building was in the shape you thought it was in was to jump in the car and inspect it yourself.

BIM modelling provides a better way

Using Revit BIM software and clever coding, we help clients manage building information effectively and re-use it in new and innovative ways – from floor-by-floor cross sections of multi-story buildings overlaid with useful information, to fully immersive 3D models that can be walked through using a virtual reality headset. This saves clients’ time and money and simplifies the daily lives of planners, property managers, event professionals, maintenance teams, and others involved in building management.

We also specialise in asset data management and condition surveying – a BIM technique that involves a physical assessment of a property so that its condition can be tracked over time and compared to historical forecasts.

Whether you want advice on consolidating your building information or assistance creating user-friendly 3D digital models and floorplans of your property portfolio, we can help.